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Building and Construction

Starting construction prior to obtaining a building permit may result in the following administrative fees being added to your building permit fee.

Part 9 Buildings - $250 minimum, $5,000 maximum. Part 3 Buildings - $1,000 minimum, $25,000 maximum.

Calculation is based on the following percentage of the full permit fee – 25% if footings/foundation commenced, 50% if structural framing commenced, 75% if structural framing complete, 100% if building is complete, 100% if demolition or partial demolition has commenced, any other work requiring issuance of a building permit is based upon the proportion of the work completed.

The City of Brantford Building Department guides home owners and developers through the building process including, but not limited to:

Building permits

Planning to construct or demolish? You must file a building permit application with the Building Department.

The Building Department reviews permit applications to ensure that they meet the Ontario Building Code, as well as other applicable building laws and bylaws.

Try our new digital application process

The fastest and easiest way to submit a building permit application, monitor your application status and book an inspection is by using our new digital application process.

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