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Heritage planning

We are committed to protecting and celebrating Brantford’s past.

Heritage Register

The City of Brantford maintains a comprehensive Heritage Register in accordance with the requirements of the Ontario Heritage Act.

The Heritage Register includes all of the City’s designated heritage properties (over 200), as well as more than 500 ‘listed’ properties that are not designated but have unique heritage value. Visit the Heritage Register webpage for more information.

Heritage Projects

With the conclusion of the Heritage Register Project, the City of Brantford’s Long Range Planning team will be consulting five neigbourhoods to ask if property owners are interested in their neighbourhoods becoming recognized and designated as Heritage Conservation Districts. Visit the Consulting Potential Heritage Conservation Districts page to learn more!

Heritage Permits

A Heritage Permit is required to make major alterations to a designated heritage property. Consult Planning Staff at before submitted to confirm if a Heritage Permit is required, or if the work is exempt.

Staff will also be able to let you know if other permits or approvals are required, and how the different processes work together (when applicable).

You can apply for a Heritage Permit by completing and submitting a Heritage Permit Application Form, along with a written description of the proposed works, construction drawings, and photographs.

The Brant Avenue Heritage Conservation District Study includes design guidelines for properties along Brant Avenue, from St. Paul Avenue to Colborne Street West.

The Victoria Park Square Heritage Conservation District Study includes design direction for properties surrounding Victoria Park.

The Sign By-law includes design guidelines for signs on designated heritage properties.

Heritage Grant Program

The Heritage Grant Program provides financial assistance for projects that protect, preserve, restore and/or repair designated heritage properties. The Heritage Grant Program provides grants that can cover up to half of the eligible costs, to a maximum grant amount of $20,000.

If you are planning a project that includes work that fits in with those goals, it may qualify for financial assistance from the City. Examples of eligible projects include:

  • •Masonry repairs, including repointing or repairing damaged brick and stone;
  • Restoring or reconstructing heritage attributes such as an original chimney, porch, wooden windows and doors, or other wooden trim such as eave brackets;
  • Repairs that are critical to the stabilization and preservation of the property (e.g. roof structure, building foundation).

For information about the Heritage Grant Program, consult with Planning Staff at or by phone at 519-759-4150 and ask to speak with Long Range Planning about the Heritage Grant Program. 

To talk about a project you are considering, email or call the City at 519-759-4150 and ask to speak with Long Range Planning about the Heritage Grant Program. Staff will:

  • Ask you some questions to understand the scope of your project, and can discuss eligible work.
  • Let you know if the program is currently accepting applications (or if funding has been allocated for the year).
  • Let you know if the work would require a Heritage Permit (which can be processed at the same time as the Grant)
  • Staff may also recommend a site visit to meet you at your property and discuss the project.

For eligible projects, Staff will provide you with a record of consultation to confirm eligibility and any other important details for your project.

After consulting with Planning Staff and receiving your record of consultation, you can apply for a Heritage Grant by completing and submitting a Heritage Grant Program Application Form. Your application must also include:

  • A copy of the record of consultation;
  • A written description of the work;
  • For applications requesting a grant of $7,500 or less - one quote from a contractor;
  • For applications requesting a grant over $7,500, up to the maximum grant amount of $20,000 – two quotes from contractors, for the same scope of work.

In some cases, Staff may identify other documents that we would need to review your application properly. If there are any additional requirements, they will be communicated to you in writing.

Council has delegated approval of Heritage Grants to provide a streamlined process, while still providing some appropriate oversight on how funds are disbursed.

If your application is requesting a grant of $7,500 or less, the applications will be reviewed by Staff, and Staff has the authority to approve the application. Applications will be reviewed when submitted.

If your application is requesting a grant over $7,500, up to the maximum grant amount of $20,000, then the application is reviewed by Staff as well as the Brantford Heritage Committee. In this case:

  • Once your application is deemed complete, it will be scheduled for discussion at the Brantford Heritage Committee based on the meeting dates listed below.
  • You have the option to attend the meeting and speak to the Committee about your application, and you can answer their questions.

If your application is approved, then the City will prepare a short agreement to confirm the eligible work, the eligible costs, and the grant that you will receive for completing the project.

Once your application is approved, your contractor can start the work.

After the work is completed, you will need to let Planning Staff know and provide a copy of an invoice showing the work is paid in full. We will also schedule a site visit to take some ‘after’ photos for our files. After that is complete, Staff will issue a grant cheque to you for the completed work, as set out in the agreement.

Frequently Asked Questions about the Heritage Grant Program

Heritage grants under the Heritage Grant Program are only available to owners of designated heritage properties. You can find a list of designated heritage properties by visiting the City’s Heritage Register page.

The City has an online Heritage Register where we keep a list of every property that is designated in the City. You can find the Heritage Register and look up properties by visiting the Heritage Register webpage.

Please note that some properties are identified as “listed” but not designated. Listed properties are not eligible for the Heritage Grant Program at this time.

Most likely, the answer will be ‘no’.

While the Heritage Grant Program helps with projects that protect, preserve, restore and/or repair designated heritage properties, the focus of the grants is to help with work that addresses a property’s heritage attributes which are usually on the exterior. The City rarely designates features on the inside of the property, and then generally only on publicly accessible buildings (e.g. the Sanderson Centre).

Submissions can be made at any time of year (provided there are funds available), however the Heritage Grant Program will generally accept one application per property per calendar year.

This limit is in place so multiple properties in the City have a chance to benefit from the program in a given calendar year.

Yes, you can apply twice in two consecutive years (e.g. 2024 and 2025) but the work must be different in scope and nature.

For example, you could apply for a grant to assist with masonry repair in one year and then apply to repair wooden trim or a porch in a subsequent calendar year.

To apply a second time, the work has to be different in nature. You cannot apply for a grant for masonry repairs on one wall (e.g. front wall) in one year and then apply for a second grant for masonry repairs on a side wall in another year.

“Same scope of work” means that both quotes talk about the same project components.

If you are planning some masonry (e.g. brick) repairs, and have one mason quoting for work on all exterior walls and one chimney, while a second mason only quotes for work on the walls but not the chimney, then the “same scope of work” would only include the masonry repair to the walls, not the chimney (because the chimney isn’t mentioned on both quotes).

For large projects, where work will deal with different components and trades (e.g. repairing masonry, a wooden porch, and stained-glass windows) you would need two quotes for each component (masonry repair, porch, and windows). In situations like these, you can satisfy the requirement for two quotes in different ways, such as:

  • You could have two quotes for each component (two different masons, two different carpenters and two different window repair contractors).
  • You could get quotes from two different general contractors for the whole scope of work.
  • You could get one quote from a general contractor for all work, and get individual quotes from a mason, a carpenter, and a window repair contractor.

Submission Deadlines

For Heritage Permit applications and Major Heritage Grants (those requesting funding assistance over $7,500, up to $20,000), applications will be reviewed by the Brantford Heritage Committee. Applications will be scheduled for a Brantford Heritage Committee meeting based on the submission deadlines listed below.

Submission Deadline Meeting Date (6:00 pm)
Monday, May 27, 2024 Monday, June 24, 2024
Tuesday, July 2, 2024 July - at the call of the chair
Monday, July 29, 2024 Monday, August 26, 2024
Monday, August 26, 2024 Monday, September 23, 2024
Monday, September 30, 2024 Monday, October 28, 2024
Monday, October 28, 2024 Monday, November 25, 2024
Monday, November 18, 2024 Monday, December 16, 2024

The Brantford Heritage Committee is a citizen volunteer committee that meets monthly to advise Council on heritage matters in the city. Meeting agendas are published in the Council and Committee Calendar.

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